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Forex Trading: Just Part Of Your Investment Strategy

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Good investors know that they need to strategize and spread the risk around.

Sure, it's tempting to put all your money into the most potentially lucrative accounts, but the thing you need to remember about forex trading, as good as it is, is that you could risk losing everything. 

Of course your overall trading strategy depends on a lot of factors, for example, your age, the number of years you have until retirement, the amount of money you have to invest, and how comfortable you feel with varying levels of risk.

So forex trading is not going to be right for everyone. However, if it's something you'd like to try, it's easy to do. You can always talk to your investment professional about your investment strategy and explore whether or not forex trading is right for you.

In the meantime, here's some food for thought, to illustrate the argument that forex trading should be only one part of your overall investment strategy.

The good and bad of leverage

One of the things that make forex trading unique is the characteristics of leverage. What that means is that you can have $100 in your account but buy 1,000 units of another currency.

It dramatically increases your purchasing power and in turn, your potential profits. This is also one of the reasons why forex trading is so popular.

But investors need to remember that while big risks can mean big rewards, they can also mean big losses. This is why forex trading should only be part of your overall investment strategy.

It is possible to lose a whole lot of money in a really short period of time and so you should be careful and invest wisely, with your head as much as your heart.

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The potential to be addictive

Another point of appeal for forex trading is the fact that currency is traded almost 24 hours a day. While one market may be closed overnight, others will be open simultaneously.

This gives forex traders the convenience of being able to trade at any time of day, whenever it's good for you. No longer are you tied to traditional investment broker's hours.

You can do your forex trading and research when you get home from work, before you go to work, or any time in between. While it is really convenient to be able to do this, you also run the risk that you'll become too dedicated to forex trading.

You may even become obsessed with your forex trading numbers. They're always there, and you can always make a move on your account; be careful though, you don't want to become the kind of person who won't ever come up for air.

It's easy to all but get addicted to checking your forex trading numbers. As you can see, while it may be a no-brainer to start forex trading, you do need to keep your head about you.

You need to understand all parts of the trading process, including leverage. There's a lot that can go right, and a lot that can go wrong. The trick is balancing the two without losing your shirt.

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