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The Art Of Online Forex Trading

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Forex is the short form of foreign exchange. It is also referred to as FX or retail fx or spot fx or even sometimes as just spot.

It happens to be the largest financial market in the world. Money is traded on an foreign exchange market. You purchase one currency by selling another. The Forex market is a very approachable market.

Unlike the stock exchange market, there is no centralized exchange or physical location for Forex.

Previous to the 1990s foreign exchange trading was limited to and used by bankers and other big institutions having the capability to invest huge amounts of money. 10-50 million dollars was the requirement to start trading with. 

Thankfully, with the increasing use of internet, online Forex trading firms are now able extend trading accounts even to retail traders like us. A computer, a high-speed internet connection and the know-how of online Forex trading is all you need to begin trading. 

There are many web site that give a simple and quick understanding on the subject. The telephone is another medium of transaction. 

The basic mechanics to trading in the forex is very much alike the stock market. If you have an experience in the stock market you can pick up the tricks all the more quickly.

The online Forex trading is done in pairs-like EUR/USD(Euro and US dollar) or GBP/JPY(British pound/Japanese Yen). Foreign exchange currency symbols always consist of 3 letters.

The first 2 recognize the name of the country and the 3rd letter identifies the name of that country’s currency. For example, USD stands for United States Dollars and GBP stands for Great Britain Pound.

While doing online Forex trading maximum traders spot their light on the most liquid currency pairs. They happen to be the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Frank, Canadian Dollar and Australian dollar.

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It is a fact that about 85% of daily foreign exchange trading takes place with these currency pairs often referred to as ”the majors”. Online Forex trading is done 24 hours a day and is the world’s most traded market.

It’s open 24 hours form Sunday at 5 pm ET to Friday 5 pm ET starting in Sydney and moving around the globe as the business day begins. 

There are many advantages of online Forex trading. They are: 

1. One of the major advantages of is that investors can react and counter to currency fluctuations whenever they take place-whether it is day or night. It is open 24 hours a day.

2. There are no major costs involved.

3. There is no commission involved.

4. Transaction costs are low.

5. No one participant can control the market price for a long period of time.

6. This market has high liquidity. It means that, under ordinary market conditions, you can sell at will.

7. Most online Forex brokers offer free demo.

8. You can start with a small amount of money.

A hefty amount of profit can be expected in a short time through online Forex trading. But one must stay very alert while doing so or else you might loose money as quickly as you earned it.

A little bit of demo practice will end you up as a professional online Forex trader in no time. Online Forex trading is the way to go.

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