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Online Forex Market-Global Market For Foreign Exchange Transaction

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Online foreign exchange market is the largest and the oldest financial market in the world. Considered to be the biggest liquid market in the world, it runs 24 hours and 5 days in a week encircling the complete globe financial transactions.

Most popularly known as the online forex market, it is the place where trading is held on the exchange of currencies of different countries. If you are a tourist and been to a foreign country and use travelers cheque for every transaction then, you are engaging in online foreign exchange. Exchange of foreign currency takes place when currency is being traded for another currency in the forex market purely to make a profit.

Mentioned Below is some of the features of Online Foreign Exchange Market:

Fair Trading among Different Parties:

Trading of foreign exchange was limited to banks, currency dealers and speculators in the past. These parties used to make profit of the currency market's unbelievable liquidity. However, scenarios have changed now. Due to technological advancement in the online trading platforms, now even small traders can take advantage of the benefits of online forex market trading.

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Online forex market brokers now break down the units of larger sized inter-bank and offer the opportunity to buy or sell any number of these units to the individual traders. These brokers give individual speculators and smaller companies the option of trading at the same rates as the big player’s at the online foreign exchange market.

Continuous Foreign Exchange Trading:

Continuous Transactions takes place at online forex market by dealers at all the main banks and forex brokerage companies around the globe. It is a part of a universal market that operates 24 hours a day. Dealers at all the major banks and Broking Company works 24 hours and 5 days a week in three different rotational shifts.

Continuous online activity makes the price movements at the online forex market very smooth. The daily turnover of the financial transaction at this online foreign exchange market touches nearly about $1.2 trillion. In fact the online foreign exchange market never actually stops even if there is any global calamity. Whether it is 9/11 or any kind of terrorist attack, you will get figures on two-side quotes of currencies.


The foreign currencies are available at floating exchange rate and are dealt in pairs for example Dollar/Yen or Euro/Dollar. Most of the day to day financial transactions, including trading, are dealt in all the major foreign currencies. Four of the most important currency pairs that are dealt for investment purposes include USD against Yen, Pound against USD, Euro against USD, and USD against Swiss franc.

If one of the currencies you choose is going low and the price is undervalued in the global market, you have the option of buying more of that currency by selling the other one.

Trading in online foreign exchange should be done in such as a manner that an individual trader can make profit from the trades. Both small & big traders can make profit in this kind of online foreign exchange market. The Online market is big enough to give you the opportunity of sound trading.

Thus online foreign exchange market has come a long way in terms of currency transactions. If you are new comer in this field, you might face a little bit of difficulty. However, once you start understanding the market, you will realize how much potential this highly profitable online foreign exchange market has.

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