We Reviewed The Top 5 Online Forex On The Market!

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Top 5 Online Forex Broker Reviews

#1 Online Forex Broker: Easy Forex

Easyforex is another downloadable trading platform, which helps the trader with basic ideas and tools for better implications. The philosophy of this online platform is that all trading should be as simple as possible and have clear goals to achieve.

It also provides online tools for the beginners, which help them to learn and compete in a very short span of time. The account holders are assigned a service manager for each personal account. Traders are kept updated round the clock with SMS updates and live forex chat.

With a user friendly platform, customizable languages, top support system, account package options, trader friendly policies, easy transfers for both deposits and withdrawals, reliable servers, and more options of accepted currencies help Easy forex to live up to its fame and name. It is the best place for any new trader who wants to start his journey in this world of foreign exchange.

Click Here To Visit Easy Forex Site

#2 Online Forex Broker: eToro

Another online platform for forex trading, eToro is an extremely user friendly layout, which makes navigation and analyzing a lot easier for any new trader. The advanced traders will be highly impressed with its robust tools.

Some of its other benefits are the round the clock customer service, live forums, and real time analysis, which are available for all the users. The eToro account can be opened with only a payment of $50.00. It also holds a weekly competition for the traders and it offers exciting cash prizes.

Overall, eToro is an extremely fantastic forex trading platform, which adds that extra bit to your daily activities in trading. Its simplicity and easy to understand features make it best suited for beginners and at the same time the tools also help advanced users a lot.

Click Here To Visit eToro Site

#3 Online Forex Broker: ForexYard

A downloadable platform for trading is included in Forex Yard, which is another online trading service. All the new users can instantly register themselves and start using it in just a few minutes.

Educational programs and online tools are offered to the beginners. The other impressive benefits include practice account and training classes to get started. It costs around $100 for a new account and later you can update it to a VIP one. The fees charged are fixed and in no way depend on the market trends. Round the clock support, live access and chat is also available.

In short, Forex Yard offers best conditions for any Pro account and also provides great facilities for users of mini account and the new accounts. It is our strong recommendation that all traders especially the new ones, should use this provider for giving themselves a chance to earn significant profits. If you have around $1000 to invest along with some trading experience then the Pro account from Forex Yard is the best option available for you. 

Click Here To Visit ForexYard Site

#4 Online Forex Broker: Ava FX

When it comes to the time of existence, then the Ava FX is relatively new in the scene. It was established in the year 2006 and in a very little time it has grown in both stature and repute.

You will find numerous brokers in foreign exchange, but they come in various configurations and sizes. It is not a necessity that a bigger firm can only serve you better. Ava FX a modestly sized broker provides lots of features and flexibility to its customers.
Even with its modest size, this portal brings in loads and loads of features and benefits. Lack of guarantee against trading and lack of accreditation to major bodies are the areas of concern for this portal.

Click Here To Visit Ava FX Site

#5 Online Forex Broker: Pip-Forex

A product of the Simray Holdings LLC, Pip forex is regulated by the law of Norway where foreign currency is traded worldwide. 

This online trading portal was set up as a challenge to the traditional offline forex trading firms. It’s a simple and genuine trading platform and is extremely beneficial for both seasoned professionals and new comers.
Pip Forex offers risk free options of trading without actual money. It is extremely good for the newcomers, but not so good for professionals and experienced traders. 
One of the major disadvantages of this provider is that it charges a steep amount of around $200 for a new account. The best option for newcomers with less money is the Easy Forex.

Click Here To Visit Pip-Forex Site

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