We Reviewed The Top 5 Online Forex On The Market!

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Top 5 Online Forex Reviews

It is certainly lucrative to start trading online in Forex. There are numerous brokers and platforms available for trading and it can be extremely confusing selecting the right one. We have carried out a research for our valuable customers and selected five of the best online brokers. Our team has listed brokers that:

  • Do not mess around with the money invested (in terms of deposits and withdrawals) by you.

  • Have the best trading software available in the industry

  • Have the best customer service, which is available round the clock

  • Have competitive bonuses

  • Nil or extremely less commissions, high leverage and low spread.

  • MT4 only for professional traders

  • We review the sites and blogs on a regular basis and also provide them a Meta score or average ratings. These ratings keep things in a perspective and give you a better idea.

Have a glance at our top 5 options mentioned below and you can even try some. It can be the best way to start on your profitable venture of trading Forex.

#1 Online Forex: Easy Forex

Increased access to Internet makes so many things easier, including online forex trading. It enables you to conduct trading. And, there is one service dubbed as the best in providing a huge online Forex trading platform, it is Easy Forex, which offers a 24x7 access to all of the major Forex trading markets.

Easy Forex has a trading platform from where the traders gets access to even advanced Forex analyses, trends and all information online. Founded 10 years back, it was started by bankers who are also Forex experts and is regulated by the Australian Securities And Investments Commission for all global financial services.

There is no software download requirement to use the Easy Forex and it is web-based platform. However, some Java charts are being given with drawing tools, indicators and timescales and can be set off from browser, enabling you to have a vigil on them while trading.

One can use 4 charts at one time, so to see different currency pairs, or the same pair under different timeframes. Daily Forex outlook is also offered besides currency and interest rates with financial calendar.

And a Forex glossary comes for free. Easy Forex has 3 account offers: A mini account with $25 margin and a 10 pip spread, a gold account with $500 margin and a 7 pip spread, and then a platinum account with $2500 margin and a differential pip spread (5 pip through Internet and 3 pip through the deal room.

The interface is user friendly and the products include day trading, limit orders, forward, as well as optional.

Click Here To Visit Easy Forex Site

#2 Online Forex: eToro

This is indeed a new entrant in the world of Forex trading but seems to be quite innovative with respect to the Forex trading software that displays data in a simple and friendly way. The trades are displayed in a software that can be downloaded.

The trading platform is fun filled and makes a noob feel as comfortable as a savvy trader. Just like online games, a trader can select 4 trading areas. eToro trading platform gives a demo as well as a real account facility.

However, Forex trading software has to be downloaded to enable using the trading platform. The platform has several eye candy features that make Forex trading simple. They include

  • 4 trading areas such as Forex Marathon, Dollar Trend, Globe Trader and Forex Match

  • Demo account facility

  • Earnest deposit of minimum $50

  • Commission free

  • Spread across major currencies with 2-4 pips

  • Payment options include bank wire, credit card and PayPal

  • Daily customer support (6 am to 10pm GMT)

  • Visual representation of trades enabling user to monitor the activity easily

  • A no entry fee competition to encourage traders to compete against fellow traders for either cash or Forex glory

  • Online chat facility to discuss Forex signals with fellow traders(in 10 languages including English, Spanish Italian, French, German, Russian, etc).

Finally, its perfect platform for novice traders.

Click Here To Visit eToro Site

#3 Online Forex: ForexYard

ForexYard is a very popular Forex broker that offers traders secure trading platform in addition to high quality execution of trading orders. The trading tools are user friendly with respect to experts as well as noobs in Forex trading.

They are regarded across the world as one of the most reliable trading platform. They offer a comprehensive free online Forex trading course for the newbies.

However, the important benefits it gives include fixed spreads that are quite competitive and appreciated well and super fast credit card deposits. It gives traders an opportunity to trade with a minimum of $100.

ForexYard; however, offers two trading platforms, a java-enabled one and a software download version. ForexYard online trading service features include:

  • Super fast CC deposit

  • One can start trading within minutes

  • Fixed spreads in all competitive markets (as much as 3 pips)

  • Market analyses is on a day-today basis

  • 24-hour customer support for traders

  • Demo account for those who want to take a trial

  • There is no support for metatrading

  • Trading software available in 10+ languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Finnish, Mandarin, Arabic and Hungarian)

The trading account options include a super mini account for the newbies or starters and then a standard account for regulars.

Click Here To Visit ForexYard Site

#4 Online Forex: Ava FX

Ava FX is a trading service which was founded with a backing of financial giant having over $16 billion as assets. The trading is given a “AA” rating by an independent rating agency. Ava FX offers innovative tools of trading to a common online Forex trader.

Quite contrast to other Forex brokers the Ava’s founders have huge experience in the marketing side of the Forex trading so they are well versed with respect to the traders’ requirements.

They have strong commitment to integrity and alacrity in transactions and have a state-of-the-art trading platform (both windows as well as a Java platform). The tools are easy and friendly to a novice as well as an expert trader.

They offer personal service that makes trading experience becomes hassle free. They have a demo to start of on a practice Forex trading. The minimum deposit solicited is $100 and the leverage is 200:1 and the spread on majors is 3 to 4 with no commission.

The minimum trading size is 10k units and the currency pairs traded are about 20. Their payment options include paypal, bank wire and credit card.

Ava FX has got good relationships with the world’s major banks as well as high-street financial institutions so it provides indeed the most reliable as well as competitive streaming rates to the traders.

Click Here To Visit Ava FX Site

#5 Online Forex: Pip-Forex

Pip-Forex has been offering a wonderful platform that respects a newbie trader, with simple and user-friendly tools complementing the starter who does not have to struggle with trading. However, the Forex broking service asks for a deposit of $200 to start trading (there are other brokers who offer with just $100 as start up fee).

The Pip-Forex platform (which is basically a windows platform) is not cluttered with confusing Forex jargon (that can often slow down Forex trading per se) especially for a beginner, so he can sift through the various options easily.

The trading platform is also quite transparent making it a darling for noobs presenting everything in a simple yet easy to follow style and language so trading is started fast and that too properly.

Pip-Forex service, in fact, claims that you can start the trading in less than 10 minutes because of the simplicity in their lay out. The top up can be done super fast and funds can be drawn any time.

They don’t have paypal payment option which is disappointing; however, they have bank wire and credit card deposits. Spreads on majors include 4 pips and minimum currency pairs is 4 with a leverage of 200:1. The minimum trade size is 10000 units and there is a demo account option.

Click Here To Visit Pip-Forex Site

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